Program Costs

The costs of programs range from $3,000 per month up to $7,200 per month. Most programs also have a start-up fee, or administrative fee, that is required the first month. Some programs will also offer some type of tuition reduction to help families that are not able to pay the full price. This rate is sometimes referred to as a “hardship rate”. Reduced and Hardship rates are not available in every program, and availability varies depending on the number of reduced tuition students currently enrolled. Every program has fixed costs associated with helping students. For example, every program has staff payroll, utility costs, food costs, insurance, building payments, etc. These expenses all have to be paid making it impossible for programs to operate for free.

Government Paid Programs

We receive hundreds of phone calls every month. Many people ask if there are any programs that are free, or paid for by the government. There are some programs that are free but they all require the teen to be willing to be enrolled. All of the parents we receive calls from are seeking help for a defiant teen. This type of teen is not a candidate for a voluntary option.

Insurance Paid Programs

One option for some parents is a program that their insurance might pay for. There are still some insurance companies that will pay for a teen to get some help, specifically with drug rehab, counseling, or therapy. Aetna is one company that has traditionally be willing to work with some programs. The best way to determine if your insurance will cover a program is to give us a call and let us research it for you. We have not had much luck with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Aid To Adopted Children

Teens that were adopted in Los Angeles California, may be eligible for a program through aid to adopted children. This is an option that we can also explore for you.