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Events & Activities

Trevor Riley, NFL Linebacker, came to speak
and hang with the kids

Our student's were thrilled with the opportunity to meet and and listen to Trevor's life story. He spoke about his childhood, struggles he went through as a youngster, and how he overcame adversity of all shapes and sizes throughout his life. His speech really motivated our students, and gave them a sense of urgency to be better people.

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Class Field Trips

Getting a breath of fresh is always good for the body and soul. We like to take our students on adventures to keep their spirits up and show them places they may have never experienced before. It's a great time for our faculty and students to bond and get to know each other better as well.

New Basketball Gym

Our basketball gym has been a big hit for the students. The gym has been utilized for all sorts of indoor sports and activities. It has also served as a great place for gatherings and events. The gym keeps the students engaged and active and is a good getaway from the summer heat.

Weight Room

In addition to the basketball gym, we have a weight room for our students. Part of our health and physical education program is to teach students about healhty living — maintaining a balanced diet and keeping their body clean. Our faculty also takes the time to organize workout plans for the students to follow and track their personal progress.

Outdoor Entertaiment

Right next to the living courters, Northwest Academy has a wonder outdoor property. There are outdoor basketball courts, a soccer field, and hang out areas for students to relax and mingle.

We teach old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity, and hard work that begin to shape new horizons in the hearts, minds, and actions of the students in our care.

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