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about us

Always changing, always growing

Northwest Academy is a secluded campus in the Nevada desert, providing troubled teens & at-risk adolescents a rare opportunity to work on themselves without distraction. We provide full schooling, point merit system, and emotional growth process including therapy to facilitate positive change.

School Credit

Northwest Academy uses an online program through the local school system that allows Northwest Academy Students to keep current with their credits from previous schools, helping them to gain current credits needed for High School Graduation. There are many situations, and each student is different, so if there are extenuating circumstances, Northwest Academy can assist with whatever is needed to help your child advance in their Academics.

Church & Merit System

Church attendance is made available, however is never mandatory. If your family encourages & has a preference for religious studies it can have a powerful effect in influencing students’ ability to change, and we've found it to be very effective when combined with the Cognitive Behavior Model, such as the point merit system used by the program.


We recognize that the safety and security of your child is your #1 priority. Northwest Academy has a registered nurse and three licensed EMT’s on staff. Additionally, all Northwest Academy staff must receive the following training with annual renewal updates: CPR & First Aid Training provides all staff members at Northwest Academy with the critical knowledge and skills necessary to provide assistance in an emergency situation caused from injury or illness.

More About Us

​Character building courses are essential to helping our students gain new insight, motivation and direction here at Northwest Academy. Coupled with skill building and personal development courses, our students get the full treatment and learn how to better handle some of the struggles that they are dealing with in everyday life. They learn how to better prepare themselves for future problems, how to handle current problems and how to make the appropriate choices in many different areas of their lives. These classes can be anything from professional audio and videotapes to selective reading material and staff or peer feedback.

All aspects of our facility are monitored and licensed by The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. We are a private boarding school dedicated to helping at-risk adolescents, located in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, just north of the California-Nevada border. We work with troubled teens in a kind, caring and non-invasive manner. Northwest Academy provides a safe and secure environment for at-risk adolescents seeking to change their lives and an island of hope for families seeking to help their child. Northwest Academy is a great choice for any family whose teen may be struggling in their home, school or community. We provide a safe environment; far away from inappropriate friends or influences, and best of all, we are passionate about truly making an impact the students' lives. Our joy is filled by the success of our students, and we admire the life-long relationships that are built throughout our time together.

Our Staff

Our staff is deeply involved in the community and share a passion for teaching and creating a supportive learning environment that is challenging, collaborative & engaging.

Marcel C. Chappuis, Ph.D

Professional Psychologist

Norton A. Roitman,MD, DFAPA

Medical Supervisor

Quade Chappuis

Student Coach & Counselor

why us?

  1. Our mission

    is to offer a safe, enriched environment that promotes each student’s character development, academic success, and family unity.

  2. Our vision

    Is to provide quality mental health and academic assistance to children with significant challenges and barriers in order to help them attain a greater feeling of self-worth.

  3. Our belief

    Is to provide quality mental health and academic assistance to children with significant challenges and barriers in order to help them attain a greater feeling of self-worth.


October 4, 2012

I came to Northwest Academy on June 13, 2011. Throughout my time there, I built relationships, fixed relationships and bettered my life and my future. In the beginning I struggled a lot because I was stubborn and didn’t want to do anything, but nobody gave up on me. The staff and peers held me to a high standard and that helped me learn to love myself and hold myself to the same standard. There was always someone to talk to and always someone there to help me back on my feet. The teachers help get you to focus on your tasks. They sit down with you and take you step by step on what you’re struggling with and you learn things easier and faster. The schooling program pushed my academics to a high level. I came in with no credits and I left with almost 10. I learned to help others, care for others, love myself, and take care of my family. I learned that my future is important to me and now I am heading into the military. I was at Northwest Academy for a year and a half. Approximately 17 months and all the tools I have learned I have carried over into my daily life. This program changed my life and my future.

Samantha H, Student

February 22, 2016

Northwest Academy is a highly structured environment for at-risk teens. A faculty that truly cares about their students and their future. Our grandson was on a dark path of personal destruction and now has dreams and goals for a productive, positive future. I can't say enough about Nortwest Academy. I Thank GOD that they are here to help kids in trouble.

Diana E., Grandparent

April 25, 2016

Makayla is my daughter and she is so grateful and glad that I put her at northwest you guys did wonders for her and she learned a lot from northwest academy. My son is also there and and also doing ok there I would recommend northwest academy for your kids. If you would like more information from someone that has kids up there, don't hesitate to call me (Joel F -775-990-3622).

Joel F (My son & Daughter Attended Northwest Academy)