How We Can Help You

With a decade of experience in the troubled teen industry we can guide you through the difficult task of placing your teen. We pride ourselves in providing prompt courteous help. If you are wondering about low cost and free programs we can explain the differences in programs and why they are priced the way they are. The old adage you get what you pay for is typically true in this situation also. Finding the best solution can take months for a person that doesn’t know what they are looking for and don’t even know where to look. Give us a call and we will work with you to determine what options you have. We will then put together a plan to accomplish the option you decide upon.

Enrollment Process

One question most people are curious about is, how quick can a child be placed? We are able in most cases to have a student placed in 24-48 hours. Financing is usually the only delay. We do have the ability to assist parents with finding a loan product that will help them provide the help they are seeking for their teen. We can help a family from initial call to arrival in a program. We work with several competent schools, and transportation companies that can get their child to the program they have selected safely with consideration and respect for the youth.

Experience Shows

Parents typically do not know the full extent of their teens negative behaviors. Once teens arrive in a program, and begin opening up about the behaviors they have been engaging in parents are usually shocked at the danger their child was in. If you are considering sending your teen to a program, or if you just want to bounce some concerns off another person give us a call, we will be happy to help you.

Boarding Schools

When parents lose control of their teen, they can find help by placing their child in a Boarding School. Some Boarding Schools are established to help parents that do not know how to protect their child from getting caught up in the legal system, failing in school and using drugs. We can recommend a boarding school if you are interested. We can also help you get your teen to the school of your choice.

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Boot Camps

Boot Camps are almost non existent. We do have some boarding schools that take defiant and rebellious teens. The teen doesn’t have to be willing to go. If your teen is heading down a scary path give us a call we can help you facilitate your choice. Some of the programs and boarding schools we work with have former military personnel that give the program a more structured format.

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Wilderness Camps

Wilderness programs are designed to remove a teen from the comforts they currently enjoy. Things like running water, electricity, and shelter can be taken for granted. When a teen has to build a fire to get warm, and cook food they begin to appreciate their home life. The teen is immersed in the wilderness and all electronic devices are left at home. The teen if forced to deal with the issues they are struggling with. Academic credits are also incorporated into the Wilderness Program.

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